Final Report for CS364B (Foundations of Sponsored Search)

Length: 8-10 pages single-spaced with reasonable margins, font size, etc. One possible format for the report is as follows. The format we suggest is that of a technical report (almost suitable for a conference or workshop submission). Feel free to deviate from this format in any way that you think improves your report. The length of various sections will depend on the nature of your work.   

Paper Reports: Your intended audience should be one of your classmates---a person who is extremely bright but not (yet) an expert in the area. Make sure your descriptions are clear and as formal as possible. Editing and rewriting often helps. 

Abstract (3-6 lines)

Introduction (1/2 page)

Your Results (1/2 - 1 page)

Related Work  (1-2 pages)

Main Section (3-4 pages)

Conclusion (1 page)