Mid-term Report for CS364B (Foundations of Sponsored Search)

Length: 3-5 pages with reasonable spacing, margins, font size, etc. There are two parts to the report: Describing the papers that you read, and describing your intended project. One possible format for the report is as follows. Feel free to deviate from this list in any way that you think improves your report.

Paper Reports: For the paper reports: Your intended audience should be one of your classmates---a person who is extremely bright but not (yet) an expert in the area. One way to approach this is to imagine that you have to give a 10 minute talk in class, and then write up a transcript of what you would say.

Project Proposal

Note on reading papers: Research papers (especially conference versions) have a tendency to be hard to read, terse, and error-prone. We don't expect you to understand every last technical detail of the papers you're reading, but hopefully with a reasonable amount of effort you can develop a good understanding of the technical contributions.