CS364A: Introduction to Algorithmic Game Theory

Instructor: Tim Roughgarden (Gates 462)

Teaching Assistants:
Mukund Sundararajan (Office hours: Tue 4-5 PM and by appt in Gates 470).
Sergei Vassilvitskii (Office hours: Wed 11-noon and by appt in Gates 492).

Time/location: 2:45-4 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Gates B12.

Course description: Broad survey of topics at the interface of theoretical computer science and game theory such as: algorithmic mechanism design; combinatorial and competitive auctions; congestion and potential games; cost sharing; existence, computation, and learning of equilibria; game theory in the Internet; network games; price of anarchy and stability; pricing; and selfish routing. Minimal overlap with 224M and 324. Prerequisites: 154N and 161, or equivalents.

Course requirements: Three problem sets and a 10-15 page report summarizing 1-3 research papers. (Students taking the course pass/fail need only do the problems sets or the report, not both.)

Schedule and references: